Photo credit: Return of the Sacred Kingfisher Festival at Ceres

Photo credit: Return of the Sacred Kingfisher Festival at Ceres


BirdLife Australia - Act for Birds

Stand Against Extinction

We’re looking for a team of volunteers to join us in our Melbourne office (or from home) to help us make our vision for the Stand Against Extinction a reality. Together, we’ll share skills, creative ideas, and be part of something big.


Australian birds are facing a national extinction crisis - over 200 of our beautiful, unique birds are on a trajectory toward extinction. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

With stronger laws to protect birds and their habitats and more resources to invest in recovery and restoration, we CAN bring our threatened species and ecosystems back from the brink.

But we need to send a powerful message to our politicians and national mainstream media. If thousands of Australians descend on Parliament House to make a visible stand against extinction and demand strong #naturelaws, the public will take notice and our politicians will be forced to act. That’s why BirdLife Australia will be there in force, flying the flag for our 200+ threatened species of birds.

Let’s see if we can get every single threatened species of bird represented on September 10! We’ll be making a powerful call to action, but we’ll also be celebrating our wonderful birdlife and wildlife, so we want to bring as much colour and creativity to Canberra as we can.

Want to help BirdLife Stand Against Extinction?

This event will be on a scale that BirdLife has never seen, so if we’re going to pull it off, we’ll need help from our dedicated supporters and volunteers.

If you have time to spare on Tuesdays or Thursdays for the next ten weeks, we want to hear from you!

So what do you say?