Victorian Recreational Waterfowl Hunting

A new bill to ban the recreational hunting of waterfowl is being considered by the Victorian Parliament. If it passes it will follow similar bans in New South Wales, Queensland an Western Australia.


Sadly, waterbird populations, including game species, are experiencing a long-term decline and Victoria’s approach to recreational hunting of waterfowl is unsustainable.

Waterfowl face a number of threats including the ongoing degradation and fragmentation of wetlands, the challenges of water management and increases in the frequency and severity of drought.

The majority (75%) of Victorians support a ban based on a 2007 Morgan Research Poll.

Will you download our toolkit and make the pledge to contact your State MP asking them to support the ban?

The toolkit includes a letter template, a guide to effectively write to your local Member of Parliament and a key points brief to discuss when you get a meeting.

Will you pledge to contact your Victorian MP today asking them to support the ban of recreational hunting of waterfowl?

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Top: Freckled Duck by Andrew Silcocks

Bottom: Blue-billed Duck by Chris Tzaros