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Ask our Party Leaders to Act for Birds by strengthening our environment laws to ensure the birds and places we love are genuinely protected. 

Australia’s national environment laws are failing to protect our unique and diverse birdlife.  

With thousands of species now threatened with extinction, it's clear the laws and institutions designed to conserve our precious wildlife and natural landscapes are fundamentally broken. It's time for real change.

Together with the Places You Love Alliance, and guided by the work of the Australian Panel of Experts on Environmental Law, BirdLife Australia is calling for a new national environmental framework that genuinely protects our natural and cultural heritage, establishes independent institutions to manage and restore our environment, and places the community at the heart of environmental decision making.  

Change is within our reach, recovery of threatened species is possible, but only if we act together and act now. 

Strong national nature laws will: 

  • restore the health of Australian landscapes and the species they support 

  • support sustainable economies and communities 

  • strengthen our democracy by holding our politicians to account and positively encouraging community involvement. 

Join us in calling on all major parties to commit to a new generation of national environment laws to protect the places and birds we love.