Act for Birds

We need strong nature laws to protect the birds and places we love.


Act for birds

Australia’s nature laws are failing to protect our unique birds and landscapes. The health and quality of our water, air and land continue to decline. Our birds are running out of options and running out of time. And the very laws designed to protect our precious natural environment remain insufficient.

Our current nature laws have not been able to deal effectively with the big issues facing our birds. Habitat loss, development, fire, feral animals and climate change are all pushing our birds and nature to the brink.

Current legislation, including the national Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), remains flawed and continues to be undermined by loopholes and exemptions. Our existing nature laws are failing birds, places and people. 

Time after time, economic and social priorities are allowed to take precedence over our threatened birds and their habitat. And no one is being held to account.

It’s time for real change.

Right now, we have a unique opportunity to push for strong nature laws and independent institutions that will protect the birds and places we love. 


We need to:

  • Create national environment laws that genuinely protect our unique birdlife
  • Establish independent institutions that set national environmental standards and operate transparently and independently of government
  • Guarantee community rights and participation in environmental decision-making

Stronger laws will restore the health of Australian landscapes and the species they support.

Stronger laws will strengthen our democracy, hold our politicians to account and positively encourage community involvement.

Nature can provide for us, but only if we protect it.  Strong nature laws will be our gift to future generations.

Our on-ground conservation work plays a vital role in preventing extinction. But it can only go so far.  Strong legislation will protect threatened birds – this has been proven elsewhere.

Responsibility lies with us as a community to demand our elected representatives implement better protection for nature.

None of this will happen without us. We have to send a loud message to our politicians that we need strong nature laws and independent institutions to protect our birds and all of nature. And we need them now. 

Act for Birds. Act for Nature.

Eastern Curlew. Photo by Duade Paton

Eastern Curlew. Photo by Duade Paton