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Email your MP to Act for Birds


Email your Member of Parliament asking them to commit to a new system of environmental laws. 

Australia is facing an extinction crisis. Our current nature laws are not addressing the big threats facing our birds.  From habitat loss and development to climate change and feral animals, our birds need stronger laws and institutions that will take on these challenges and genuinely protect and restore their populations. 

If we act now, we have a unique opportunity to change this. The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 is scheduled for review next year and we need to make sure our politicians will support changes that will protect and restore our unique birdlife. 

We need a new framework of national laws that: 

  • Create national environment laws that genuinely protect our unique birdlife 

  • Establish independent institutions that set national environmental standards and operate transparently and independently of government 

  • Guarantee community rights and participation in environmental decision-making. 

Make your voice heard and help protect Australian birds. By writing to your local MP asking them to commit to a new framework of national environment laws and to raise this with their party.

Make sure to include why you think stronger nature laws are vital for the future of our birds and the future of Australia.