Calperum Station

Update: The public comment period for submissions has closed. Read BirdLife Australia’s submission here.

Calperum Station is part of one of only five natural areas named in our national environment laws as an area of Critical Habitat for a threatened species. This beautiful area of Mallee bushland in north-eastern South Australia is home to the nationally threatened Red-lored Whistler, Regent Parrot, *Mallee Striated Grasswren – and the Endangered Black-Eared Miner. The Riverland Key Biodiversity Area which includes Calperum Station and BirdLife Australia’s Gluepot Reserve forms 95% of the Black-eared Miner’s remaining habitat.  

Help us say 'NO' to a project that would impact on the most important remaining habitat for an Endangered native bird.   


the problem

Transmission network company, ElectraNet, is proposing a new 100+ km long high voltage powerline with 12 km of it cutting straight through Calperum Station. 

While there are other routes the powerline can take that would avoid Critical Habitat, ElectraNet has proposed the line through the Calperum Station because it is administratively easier and slightly cheaper. 

The area earmarked for clearing is within habitat that the Australian Government has identified and listed under national environmental law as habitat critical to the survival of a listed threatened species, the Endangered Black-eared Miner. This is one of only five Australian species that has Critical Habitat listed and protected by the Australian Government under national environmental law.

A destructive project through listed Critical Habitat should never have been considered as an option. Yet, Critical Habitat listing has not deterred ElectraNet from proposing to put a new road and heavy machinery through the area, even when there are feasible alternatives.

Join BirdLife Australia in calling on the Federal Environment Minister to say 'NO' to a power-line through Critical Habitat.

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Black-eared Miner by John Barkla

Regent Parrot by John Barkla

*while Mallee Striated Grasswren is not currently listed under the EPBC Act, our analyses show its population has plummeted at an alarming rate in recent years, making it eligible for listing.