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Now found only in Queensland, the Southern Black-throated Finch has already been declared extinct in New South Wales. Its two known remaining strongholds are in the Townsville area, where it occupies land that is being carved up for residential development, and the Galilee Basin region where numerous coal mines are proposed — including Adani’s controversial Carmichael coal mine.

Update: The Queensland Government has approved Adani’s groundwater management plan clearing Adani to start construction work on the controversial Carmichael coal mine.


the problem

After years of death by a thousand cuts, approving Adani’s Carmichael coal mine is almost certainly the last nail in the coffin for the Southern Black-throated Finch.

The Galilee Basin is the most important habitat left for the Southern Black-throated Finch, with significant populations discovered at Adani’s Carmichael mine site in 2013. Improper management of this area will accelerate the Southern Black-throated Finch down the path to extinction

Independent scientists have slammed Adani’s Management Plan for the Finch because of the direct impact the mine would have on the birds. Adani’s main proposal to protect the birds is woeful; involving moving them to a piece of land that is unsuitable and subject to yet another mining proposal.

Yet, the Queensland Government recently approved Adani’s Finch Management Plan moving the project another step closer to becoming a reality.

This comes days after a new review found that a viable management plan is impossible without further fundamental research about what this rare bird needs to prevent its extinction.

Developments, like Adani’s mine, on Finch habitat continue to be approved in isolation from one another. With little consideration of their cumulative impact on the species, these approvals across the region will likely lead to the extinction of the Southern Black-throated Finch throughout its entire range.

Once again our nature laws are failing to protect the birds and places we love, and the habitat that they rely upon.

Please join us in calling on Queensland Premier Palaszczuk to stand up for our native bird life and not allow this destructive coal mine to go ahead.

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Southern Black-throated Finch by L. Stanley Tang

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